Hello, World.

I’ve read online all the time that I need to start a blog and “build my brand” – so to that end I’m starting a blog.

The main goal is to try and expose others to what I think and conversely, expose myself to what others think in a long format. To learn, essentially. Also, to provide context on various things I work on. To build my list of programming friends.

About Me

My name is Randy, and I am mostly a data developer. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve worked in various data related positions, mostly around data warehousing and business intelligence. In between doing that, I’ve dabbled around in C# and have some very little exposure to web development and have mostly focused on the Microsoft stack.

Beyond technology, I'm a fan of space and space science fiction. I try to keep up with "new space" companies such as:

and others. I hope that in the near future we can have a cis-lunar and multi-planet society.

Strongly Held Opinions

About Technology Applications

I’m of the view that technology today sucks. I’m a 30-ish year old millennial, and I believe my generation’s greatest sin and contributions to the world are "Web 2.0" and "big data." More specifically, "surveillance capitalism." As pointed out by others, we as a society have allowed technology a place in our lives that we very rarely question, and now I personally believe we should be working to create products to roll some of that place in our lives back.

When I was young, I viewed technology as an exciting field to work in. Technology could allow people to create things, to expose ideas to the masses, and to get things done faster and easier. And for the most part, that has been true. But the cost of that makes me question if it was worth it.

About Climate

I'm of the view that climate change is real, and not just hype to sell clicks on articles.

I'm also of the view we should be labeling it a "climate disaster." I share the view that many have that the Earth will be just fine; it's just that we won't be here on it if we keep up our civilization's course of action.

Projects I'm Working On


DrummerDB is a personal project I've been working on for awhile that I plan on doing a seperate post on. The goal is to produce a RMDBS system in C# that gives ownership of the data in the database back to the users the data is about - an idea I previously labeled a "Cooperative Database System."


PerfJournal is a throwaway project I created to record measurements of times in DrummerDB, but not strongly tied to that project. I implement it in my XUnit tests to measure how long each tests take.


SQLine is a dead project that I hope to resurrect that is a SQL editor implemented in the awesome Terminal.Gui project. I wanted to combine PowerShell/oh-my-posh like functionality for interacting with SQL Server. In the future I may do a post on the goals of that project.